Trade Quorum (TQ) is a decentralised international trade execution platform connecting buyers, suppliers, shipping companies, port authorities, and financial institutions to provide a secured, real-time, shared, and trusted workflow of events.


As traditional financing institutions continue to reduce supply of credit to non-Investment Grade corporate clients (due to impact of Basel III, deleveraging, retrenchment from non-core markets)Trade Quorum offers:

  • TFQ, a marketplace enabling Mid-Caps and SMEs to finance their trade flows at the lowest cost and allowing credit insurance and financing providers to find the most optimal transactions to allocate capital to, so as to maximise return.

  • IFQ, a marketplace dedicated to inventory financing.


  •  Fully customisable workflow - from Open Account to Documentary Credit to more structured transactions -  with templates available for all types of transactions that can be amended on a case-by-case basis as required.

  • TQ can be deployed in-house for private use by either a financial institution or trade finance fund for the benefit of its clients. 


  • Data security and confidentiality compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive.

  • Digital signatures of documents and all actions performed on the platform are stored in an immutable and permissioned distributed ledger.

  • Real-time oversight of transactions, payments, and tracking of goods and transfer of ownership through connection to external payment, shipping, freight, and port APIs


Thorough KYC/Due Diligence

  • TFQ embeds comprehensive due diligence and KYC covering AML/Sanctions to facilitate the on-boarding of new clients while preventing identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

AI/ML Engine

  •  Credit assessment algorithm based on private or publicly available data.

  • Search engine for corporates to find the most suitable lender/insurer for their transactions at the lowest possible cost.

  • Search engine for financing and credit insurance providers to find the transactions most suited to their risk appetite and expected return on capital.

  • TFQ engine is continuously improved by Machine Learning based on past decisions of lenders/borrowers. 

  • Dashboard and reporting tools for corporates and credit and insurance providers to monitor transactions, exposures, and limits against all variables, and also to track goods, vessels, and the execution of transactions and payments.

Flexible Reporting

Trade Quorum

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