Our technology

  • Frontend/client: web application powered by React+Redux and Bootstrap

  • API/server: powered by Node.js and Express

  • DLT: Ethereum/Quorum or R3 Corda smart contracts recording digital ID and signatures of documents as well as complete audit trail of all workflow events

  • Off-chain data storage in mixed SQL/NoSQL database

  • Optional cloud storage of documents in AWS S3

Didier Le Floch


Didier has 17 years of quantitative research, IT development and structuring experience. He has been the key architect of complex trading, risk and valuation infrastructures at leading financial institutions. In his last job, Didier was Global Head of Commodity Structuring at HSBC. Didier earned a Postgraduate Master’s degree in engineering and computer science from Mines ParisTech.

Guillaume Déchaux


Guillaume has 20 years of experience in commodity trading and financing. He held several management roles in top tier banks. In his last job, he was Global Head of Energy Solutions Group at HSBC. Guillaume holds a BA in Mathematics from Paris Dauphine’s university and an MBA from the Edhec Business School.


About us

Trade Quorum streamlines and secures international trade execution by providing a decentralised platform whereby exporters and importers, shipping companies, freight forwarders, ports and customs authorities, financing and credit insurance providers, contribute to the execution and/or financing of transactions within a secure and real-time environment. With guaranteed identification of parties involved, digital exchange of documents, secured automated payments and an immutable audit trail of execution, our platform:​

  • Accelerates execution, reduces costs and risk of fraud, and increases trust between market participants.

  • Provides a marketplace for trade finance powered by AI/ML with diversified sources of financing and credit insurance.


Our approach to DLT

Beyond their use in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) have developed over recent years as a powerful tool to provide decentralised organisations and applications with more flexible smart contracts and an immutable record of transactions.

Several major initiatives now aim at applying these technologies to business cases with:

  • Modular architecture separating network and storage.

  • Various consensus algorithms beyond PoW (Proof of Work - used by the most well-known public blockchains): Proof of Authority, Proof of Stake or Delegated Proof of Stake, etc.

  • Permissioning and increased data security and privacy.


Our view is that DLT technologies are reaching the required maturity to bring significant value to our business case; in particular, to guarantee the identity of companies and users on the platform, to keep an immutable record of their actions, and to keep track of ownership of goods traded. DLT technologies are therefore fully integrated with our blockchain-powered digital supply platform. The degree of integration will gradually increase as DLT develops over the coming years in ways that further support our business case.




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