Inventory Finance Quorum (IFQ)

IFQ is the Trade Finance Quorum extended to inventory finance and management:

  • Operationally secured by our decentralised platform and the digital exchange and verification of documents - including warehouse receipts.

  • Combined with a marketplace matching corporate customers carrying stocks and investors looking to deploy capital via secured financing at an attractive return.

Trade Quorum (TQ) 

A real-time decentralised digital platform designed for all actors of international trade (exporters/importers, shipping companies, banks, ports, and customs) to securely and efficiently execute transactions while maintaining full confidentiality.


The platform provides a decentralised audit trail of the execution process, chain of ownership, and origin of goods, as well as digital footprint, origin and signatures of all documents exchanged between parties.

Our solutions


The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) recently highlighted significant challenges to the growth of international trade. In particular, a lack of mutual trust and transparency limits the ability of importers and exporters to enter into new business relationships, finance their trade flows, and receive payments securely and in time. As a consequence, only 10% of international trade is currently financed. The execution of international trade by traditional means is also inefficient, paper-based, costly, and exposed to the risk of fraud.

Trade Quorum's technology and products address those limitations to make international trade more efficient, faster, cheaper, and more secure. In doing so, Trade Quorum eases the various processes of international trade and facilitates the growth of global trade finance.


Trade Finance Quorum (TFQ) 

A marketplace for documentary and structured trade finance (LC, pre-payments, bank guarantees, factoring) powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which intelligently matches:

  • Market participants in need of financing at the lowest possible cost. 

  • Credit insurance and financing providers looking to deploy their balance sheet within their risk appetite and maximise return on capital.



Digital global trade finance platform and marketplace

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Why Trade Quorum?

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